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As part of our mission, we help our partners preserve their hard-earned legacies while achieving new heights of business growth. We hope you’ll consider joining our ever-expanding network.

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Why Zeus?

A Solution at Every Stage

Becoming a Zeus partner can be a solution to a business challenge or a logical next step as you set your sights on the next level of growth. No matter your goals or where you are in your business’ lifecycle, we’re committed to preserving and expanding what you’ve built.

  • Simplification

    When day-to-day operations are getting in the way of providing your best service in the field, Zeus gives you the tools to return your focus to what matters most—your customers.

  • Succession

    In the case of a leadership change-up with no logical successor, joining the Zeus Network can bring stability, capital and the smooth transition your employees deserve.

  • Expansion

    Most businesses experience periods of stagnation. If you have the desire but not the resources to expand in your market, a partnership with Zeus is the right solution.

  • Retirement

    When you’ve built trust in your community and a legacy in your fire and security business, a Zeus partnership can provide you with peace of mind that your life’s work will be in capable hands when you retire.

What New Partners Can Expect

The First Steps in Your Growth Journey

When you enter the Zeus Network, our team works with yours to align on your unique goals and develop a plan to achieve them together. As we create a go-forward strategy, you gain access to tools that will help you simplify operations, expand your offerings and achieve rapid growth.

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  • Maintain Your Legacy

    Through a deep understanding of our partners’ businesses, we make sure that the quality of service provided after an acquisition is only improved. The name and reputation of the business you’ve worked so hard to build will remain intact, and Zeus will help your team build on that reputation as your business expands.

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    Retain Your Structure While Expanding Opportunities

    We take the edge off of being acquired by working to retain the structures and employee hierarchy that has brought your business this far. Your current employees can continue in their current roles while gaining better tools and opportunities within other Zeus companies.

  • Streamline Your Services for Better Customer Experiences

    In the interest of improving your business’ offerings and customer service, Zeus will help you implement and train staff on more efficient processes and technologies. From better CRMs and technician apps with tracking features, we provide the tools to help your employees and systems work seamlessly.

What New Partners Can Expect

The First Steps in Your Growth Journey

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A Word From Our Partners.

Zeus Fire & Security offers a lot more than just capital and has proven to be a true extension of our team in developing actionable strategic initiatives, partnerships, and creative marketing processes that add significant value and growth to our organization in building a world class integrated company.

- Roger Savage, Alert Alarm/National Fire Protection

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