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BALTIMORE, MD – Zeus Fire & Security (Zeus), a portfolio company of Baltimore-based Access Holdings, today announced a new partnership with Spring Rock Capital (Spring Rock); and its portfolio company, Alert Alarm Holdings (Alert), which operates under Alert Alarm and SMG Security (SMG). Alert, through its two operating subsidiaries, provides comprehensive fire safety and security services to over 33,000 commercial and residential customers. As a mid-market investment firm specializing in buy-and-build strategies, Access Holdings partners, scales, and innovates to build enduring businesses. Access Holdings, Spring Rock Capital, and Zeus will support Alert, as well as future partners, as they seek to grow. Access Holdings will support Zeus as it scales and innovates, specifically helping recruit best-in class talent and leadership, implement and develop new digital tools, identify M&A opportunities, and provide long-term strategic guidance.



“Access Holdings is always looking to partner with trusted businesses like Alert that seek to grow into market leaders,” said Access Holdings Partner Michael Rodgers. “We look forward to working with and establishing Zeus as a key platform partner for premier fire safety and security businesses in markets nationwide.”



Zeus Fire & Security was formed in 2021 as a platform business to partner with leading fire safety and security operators in premier markets. In partnership with Access Holdings, Zeus will conduct a highvelocity buy-and-build value creation strategy to support and create market leading fire safety and security businesses.


Alert provides integration, monitoring, managed services, inspections, and maintenance & repairs for fire systems including fire alarms, sprinklers and suppression and security systems including intrusion alarms, CCTV cameras and access control. Access Holdings and Zeus are fully committed to their partnership with Alert and plan to keep both Alert Alarm and SMG Security operating under their locally trusted, existing brands and leadership teams.



“Access Holdings is the ideal partner to help Zeus identify and scale leading fire safety and security businesses across the country,” said John Cannon, Vice Chairman of Zeus Fire & Security. “Alert Alarm and SMG Security are trusted reliable businesses in their communities. With Access’ innovative digital tools, strategic guidance, and M&A expertise, Zeus will grow into a major platform to help a business like Alert continue to emerge as a market leader.”




Katie Leshinsky – Phone: (201) 290-4511 / Email: kleshinsky@accessholdings.com




Access Holdings Management Company LLC is a Baltimore-based middle-market investment firm with over $2.1 billion in assets under management. Founded in 2013, Access provides high-quality, direct investments opportunities to create concentrated portfolios of essential service-based businesses in North America. We undertake active buy-and-build strategies, pursuing what we want to own, great markets and distinct business models. In doing so, Access partners, scales, and innovates to build
enduring businesses. For more information, please visit www.accessholdings.com.




Spring Rock Capital was formed in 2009, building upon its Founding Partner’s unique blend of investment mandates coupled with invaluable operating experience. Spring Rock Capital’s foundation is built upon investments of increasing size from $10mm to $250mm, spread across the capital structure from first lien to control equity, ranging from healthy and growing to distressed or complex investment theses, in a wide range of industries, and across multiple economic cycles. In addition to Spring Rock Capital’s traditional private equity focus, Spring Rock Venture Partners has been established to target early stage venture capital investments within industries related to Spring Rock Capital’s portfolio and focus. For more information, please visit https://www.springrockcapital.com.




Zeus Fire & Security was established in 2021 to build a national network of fire protection and security providers recognized for execution excellence across a variety of service lines and end markets. Zeus addresses customer’s commercial and residential fire protection and security needs through a broad array of services from mission critical fire system installation, testing and inspection to physical security system installation and video monitoring. Zeus was established with the singular purpose of partnering with industry-leading fire and security operators who are seeking a collaborative growth partner dedicated to inspiring and accelerating the long-term growth of business and team members. For more information, please visit https://zeusfireandsecurity.com.